Online Casinos and Consequences of Pathological Gambling

stop gambling

There is money where there is cunning, luck and intelligence, but only if you don’t become addicted to gambling! Unfortunately, gambling addiction is a major problem for gamblers who try their luck for money in land-based casinos and online casinos. Even if the topic is not very nice, if you like gambling you should be aware of the problem. It doesn’t matter whether you only visit casinos occasionally or try your luck at games more often: In principle, any casino player can become addicted to gambling if they don’t play responsibly. But what are the consequences of gambling addiction that the problem itself should be so bad?

Why can gambling addiction develop? Passion For Gambling And Adrenaline

Gambling addiction is a serious mental illness. At various stages of the game, there are strong hormonal surges in the brain that can be compared to the effects of cocaine. Of course, you can also think of banal adrenaline. But after the game you often want to forget everything. This is the result of an adrenaline intake. This hormone makes it possible to react optimally in an extreme situation – running away from a tiger, defending yourself from a madman, jumping over a fence. And what happens to a person addicted to gambling? He can play at high limits all night or even 24 hours a day, “on the run from the predator.”

All human forces are mobilized, but then a lot of decay products are formed. In short, if you constantly hang for games, then kranta teeth, nervous system, heart, guts and, of course, the last money in your wallet. Psychological and adrenaline withdrawal combined is not a very pleasant phenomenon.

Did you know that psychologists and psychiatrists are also involved in the development of slot machines and take into account all the weaknesses of our psyche? The specialists know which moments stick in the games and exploit them cleverly.

Consequences of gambling addiction

stop gambling

The effects of gambling are slow. Gambling does not act like a ball. So staying in the casino is a gradual voluntary suicide. But in order to finally stop gambling, you have to wallow in this swamp with your head. No one managed to stop gambling at the dawn of prosperity. Anyone who quit was at their social lowest point.

You constantly crave winnings that compensate you for gambling away your money over the years. When you realize that it is a discontinued model, you see the game as a money-making scheme. It’s hard for a player to realize how bad his prospects are. The thirst for excitement and everything that comes with it can lie peacefully in your blood for years, but one day you will exhaust everything you have.

Do you think you can assert yourself and get what you want, no matter the cost? Then it’s even worse. Strong-willed people suffer much more from gambling addiction. If something is wrong, you have to go all the way and spend everything down to the last euro. The more stubborn you are, the worse it gets. The game will break him sooner or later. The will is broken, and in return comes loneliness, alcoholism, depression, and faithful companions to gambling addiction. The passion for gambling robs a person of everything

Every player likes to think that he is unique, the luckiest, the center of the world, chosen by fate. A casino visitor who is addicted to gambling has the illusion that gambling is just a fickle hobby, a temporary activity. But over time he realizes that he no longer enjoys all human pleasures.

How to stop gambling?

stop gambling

Slot machines, like vampires, are capable of sucking all the energy out of a person. As a result, the desire to stop playing forever or at least for a certain period of time arises. But after a day or two, you’re still drawn to sinking a few thousand to win again.

How can you distract yourself from the thought of making a deposit, especially when you get a nice casino bonus? In psychology there is such a concept as sublimation. This is how artists or musicians sublimate their sexual energy into creativity. A person addicted to gambling can also sublimate his desire for excitement with other pleasurable activities. But for some reason, as soon as extra money appears, there is a desire to increase the amount in the casino. It’s also important to accept the fact that you have an addiction that keeps costing you heartbreak and a lot of money. In addition, eliminate from your field of vision anything that reminds you of your addiction: unsubscribe from casino mailing lists, do not watch thematic streams and do not read forums. It is important to understand the real reason that triggered gambling addiction.

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